West Ham have beaten Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Tottenham and Leicester this season.


Moyes is a good manager. But he was the "fall out boy" at United. Let's face it who would want to follow AF, probably the most successful football manager ever. I hope he does well. I’m a Liverpool fan and I respect what David Moyes is doing at West Ham. I’m glad this wonderful club are doing well again. At the moment the Hammers can hammer anyone on their day. Good to see them doing so well.Deserves every bit. Moyes and WHU have both been through a lot over the past years. Happy for both of them and I’m a United fan. Moyes is proving why SAF recommended him. May be it was too early and never easy to succeed the GOAT manager, but it’s good to see that fergie had that visionary eye. What a modern day manager.

Imagine how well Utd would be doing if they’d kept him. Even SAF got three years to sort out his team before he started winning regularly. Moyesy was making progress quicker than that but they weren’t happy, Just surprised as they beat Liverpool and Man city.. No more surprise by other teams here, What a man, what a manager, This is the David Moyes that was in Everton years agoHe's back to his best, well deserved victory Follow football planet. Sir Alex trusted him, but his problem was get rid all the coaching staff immediately when he arrives... and lost his battle in the dressing room... he wasn't given enough time and support by the board..

Nothing compares to the legendary Ole; man only need more time with Manchester United, they will come good.Such a visionary person,You can appreciate their performance and results. But saying the beat Man Utd and City is not completely correct. Both those matches were EFL which we have seen rotation of players.Moyes is a good coach though he was not given enough time at Manchester United.Ironically,the ever misfiring Ole has been given all the time in the world to mismanage man u. David Moyes,is doing a Brilliant job,its a longtime if ever We have a Squad that can Compete with The best teams in Europe. I am a Huge Hammers Fan for over 50Years. Great times ahead For All Hammers Fans.

Picking up the best from all of his player's within More good days to come for the Hammers for sureI love this man Imagine the scenes when Moyes wins the Premier League before the post-Sir Alex era Man United, That's the effect of a tactical coach. Let's not forget Moyes was the last coach that led everton to their last champions league qualifications.Well done to the Hammers.Thought Mr Pawson had a poor game. With no assistance from VAR. The first goal should have been disallowed. 20 years ago it would have been a good goal. Not today. Cresswell should have been sent off for a dangerous off the floor tackle.Good to see Mr Moyse happy after a decade of misery.Great game!

If Moyes was backed by the board, the way Ole is backed right now, Utd would have been stable by now.Ole need to explain his black magic... I want to try it on my crush! The chosen one... Unfortunately he didn't get the best out of players in Manu...doing good job with the hammers... congrats sir. Inpressive, sometimes i wonder if certain class of coaches are meant for smaller clubs, if you dare give moyes a top club to manage, then they struggle, Nuno Espirito in mind as well.

Yes football is turning around I now understand who new Westham and Asernal would be Develop , some coaches has improved and Plead for another chance, Mad respect for the irons today. Went straight after my Reds weaknesses and it paid dividends. Good luck rest of season (until you play lfc again) and keep going your supporters deserve it. Liverpool Klopped (clobbered) and walloped in London Zouma's goal zipped them apart. He is definitely way better than Ole but he may not bring the much needed success in the hot oven which is the Man United dug out.

Liverpool are title pretenders rather than title contenders. David Moyes should replace Ole at, Yes football is turning around I now understand who new Westham and Asernal would be Develop , some coaches has improved and Plead for another chance, The fit is perfect - some Coaches are built to develop players … and this is his gift and I hope he stays in his lane!! He deserves coach of the season Bro.Moyes Has become who he should be.Senior coach should show differences in experience that come with age and all it's privileges.More Love. This coach knows when to press and to hold his players their movement is just entertaining whenever they go forward it's always dangerous myb he is going to champions League if he continues like this.

I am still not convinced that Moyes is the right man for Man United. Yes he is doing a great job at the Hammers but then that could his level. There is no pressure in playing for a coaching Westham, Leicester etc...so players or managers who excel there may not necessarily do well in a big team, Impressive, with the budget and the current squad, his coaching is commendable. Keep up the good work and make the EPL more competitive. While I'm not happy with the result, I can't deny they played a disciplined, relentless game. I don't see them winning the league this year, but they are in the conversation. Check back after Boxing Day.

Manchester united piled pressure on him and did not give him any chance like ole at all, but look at him now in westham.... If westham maintain this current performance until the end of this season , moyes will surely win epl coach of this season.Ok .. ok.. he has beaten everyone. But what trophy has he got to his club..0. It's not the games, but the trophies.. with all respect.. he isn't a fit for Man United.

West Ham are doing well because they have less pressure also they have a good manager in Moyes, the reason he failed at Man Utd was because he inherited a weak Utd squad that relied much on Webb's penalties to win matches.Great team great manager & this is from a Liverpool fan…..deserved the 3 points today a great side to watch & today was a great game to watch.

But like all clubs if he loses a run of games don't worry he will get the sack just like all the rest.That seems to be the answer for all clubs they should start looking at some of the players and their performances it's not always the manager fault, If Moyes was given more time like Ole he would have done amazing job. But, unfortunately he wasn't a favourite son of SAF or the teammate of other former United players. Keep backing Ole. He will definitely keep us away from winning trophies for 2-3 more years.

They did not beat United in the league this season, their second string beat our second string team in the cup. Their win against City was also in the cup, but was slightly more impressive.Yet they said he wasn't good or Manchester United. He was given just 7 months on the job despite inheriting a very aged squad. His team is now playing with swagger and we have become a laughing stock, They beat the MUFC B team in the league cup, actually lost at home to MUFC in the league, but don’t let reality get in the way of the headlines.

United fans made David Moyes looked clueless and timid. He was bullied with high profile expectations but failing to realize that SAF is no longer there and that it’s going to be a drought that will carry on longer. I’m happy for Moyes and he was a consistent manager at Everton. He’s among great managers in PL who somehow keep the modern football under his tactics.Respect to him as I wish Liverpool get away with 3 points so that Gunners could jump.

David Moyes is doing a great job at West Ham and he is gaining his reputation back after he was sack by Man United, he is proving that he is a top Manager in English Premier League, that he was before he left Everton to Man United into 4th, as a Liverpool supporter is great to see the players buying into what he thinks and he's got the hammers playing superb football.


  1. West Ham playing anti football, will likely cause a rule change. Why was Antonio allowed to impede the goalkeeper? Yet when goalie has the ball you can be yellow carded from standing in his space when he’s about to kick the ball out. How can a player who’s not in possession of the ball be allowed to brace into a goalie? Anyone bracing into a goalie while he’s on his line should be deemed offside unless there are defenders on the line behind him who plays him on. How are players allowed to do this yet when a player standing in offside position in front of a goalie and the ball scores the player is charged for obstruction? Why are there different rules for corners than anywhere else on the pitch?

    1. He has been impressive since he arrived in the club westham was known as a mid-table team but there always pushing for champions league spot like last season the team performed well during the pandemic some coaches need time to setup there team i think man united should give sometime to ole to figure out ideas how to handle the team y'all know how hard premier league is this days ole must stay !