The only side to beat Liverpool this season. David Moyes' West Ham


Only one team have gone the entire season unbeaten. I thought Liverpool was going to break that record, but Westham had other ideas. I'm a Arsenal fan but I see how much that ment to the hammers. Well Done  amazing game, And West Ham United are above Liverpool on the PL table. I doubt if Liverpool will qualify for the champions League next seasonCongrats to West Ham but they will achieve nothing this season. Looked like a Jose Mourinho victory. Park the bus. Fortunate set piece goals. Rubbish. West Ham deserves victory Moyes fully did his homework on the Liverpool defence.

Trying to defend a corner with zonal marking is as good as ball watching, all defenders were caught flat footed in every corner against Liverpool, just as in the goal conceded against Chelsea.West Ham players are really disciplined, keep on pressing and closes room for Liverpool. It was a great game, nothing to complaints for the lose. They deserves the win. But we will see how they are doing in the 2nd half of the season, usually small clubs lost their way. If they keeps on performance like this, they are able to win the EPL.

I want West Ham to lose this game. Because in the 2-2 match with genk, west ham played with a purpose and a draw. In the group stage, all three matches were conceded without a goal, and the team that failed to score was 2-2 (one OG). It's a team that has no respect for the fans. From now on, let's just lose this whole season, What happened to Salah because it seems like that hatrick in theatre of dreams drained him because he seemed like he is not doing anything.

I’m a Liverpool fan, but I’m not gonna lie, West Ham got themselves a team this year. Lots of good, underrated players.He is a greater manager and his team worked a lot to win the game. It was a real deserved win!Peter Drury And Liverpool are back to default settings......they can't win without the opponent being sent off...this is the Premier league, the best in the world Drury.

The only side to beat Liverpool this season.... thus far! It's quite a long season still left, no one close to winning titles.. with all the VAR inconsistencies, its easy to look at the win at face value and judge! Every team has their days, City did but they back at 2nd spot! We will always go again, win or lose.I watched the match and the performance from the lads was superb. Moyes is doing a great job at the club.

This shows you that the problem at united is not only ole, the board and the owners are to blame. They are giving time to poor managers who don't have any sense of direction but they gave this man little time to prove himself. Kudos to westham for bringing him back to the club despite him being at the club in the past.As if west ham has won the title after defeating liverpool everything can happen in football .when does a team like west ham is going to win champions league in 2040.

If parking the bus wins matches 3-2 , I will take parking the bus every game! 😊 . The Hammers certainly didn’t park the bus. Goals scored thru fast counter attack and a little help from The Liverpool Goalkeeper.Mate you don’t get a medal for beating Liverpool . Well done you were amazing on the day get over it.

I’m not surprised the way Liverpool are defending at the moment same tactics very weeks and can’t find a solution to break teams that parked double deck bus. Well done to West Ham for displaying good tactics.Well played defencively and run on all the ball. Is it possible to play like this during all season or only against one team.All credit goes to the team for believing and giving this man time to build this winning we call it patience at some stages westham was fighting for relegation but look at them now.

Let's not get distracted here. Liverpool drew with Brighton from 2-0, they drew with 10 man Chelsea, drew with man City who played poorly, lost a 2 goal lead to Milan got lucky against atletico despite them having 10 men. Its great going unbeaten but we are still 4th, and losing salah and mane in January. Once again as per last season lacknof investment will cost us trophies.To think that you can win the PL with zero losses!? Arsenal sure was something special.

Great performance by the hammers, Liverpool were awful and lazy and have no desire to win the match and specially Allison should have done better. But it's a great win for West ham . Top 4 is still wide open this is why EPL is the best league in the world anything can happen.More Liverpool were bad than boring West ham were good still scored 2 with our worst game of the season.Liverpool didn’t even turn up for that game. West Ham we’re terrible going forward too many mistakes… Liverpool didn’t finish their dinner

I,am a Liverpool fan first of all well done west ham and moyes well deserved thought you played to your strengths which is good doesn’t matter how you win it’s 3 points ,hope you can carry on and claim a top 4 finish I don’t see why not ,lost one in 25 is it ,well done Liverpool,take it on the chin and move on ,it’s November not the 1st of may long way to go yet anything can happen it’s football let’s enjoy it.

A solid performance by a solid team. Beating Liverpool should inspire them to play even better. Liverpool looked invincible until West Ham proved us wrong, Manutd learned from west ham. They had not expensive player like maguire sancho Ronaldo. But they performed like, Hahaha sing there praises. It's the same old hyping narrative. We all no that this game could have gone another way on another day with another ref. But rev in those moments Chelsea fans elite players.


  1. Westham this time around they have been consistency I knew that game wasn't easy for Liverpool credit to Mr David

  2. Doing a great job,I'm pleased for him,he normally gets sacked by most teams he's been to after he left Everton for man United,but hopefully he keeps up the good work

    1. If this guys received the support that ole has at Manchester by now they would’ve added a league title and ucl. Moyes is good that’s why he was the chosen one accord to Sir Alex

    2. you have done a great job so far but the challenge is on now, be consistent surprise us all, I wish you the best