Taribo West was the player I didn't like to play against - Thierry Henry

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Thierry Henry France : "Taribo West was the player I didn't like to play against. He was always man marking, he was following you everywhere and even into the dressing room." What a defender West was.

He was brilliant. I still remember as we were growing every defender was calling himself Terribo West. There are number of great players we loved from Nigeria. Nwanku Kanu, JJ Okocha and Sunday Olissen were our favourites during our childhood in South Africa. I used love Papa Bouba Diop from Senekal. Those were our heroes.

Good lesson there to the upcoming defenders. You follow the player you are supposed to mark even in the dressing room. West aka taribo (nigeria) n rigobert song (cameroon) wen coming to man marking they wre a marvelous to watch they pick u like a hawk.

Taribo West he used to play for Inter Milan he was a tough as nails deffender from the generation of the likes of Stephen Keshi.

If i put an african best eleven in my opinion..it would be...allio bakari(cameroon),lauren etame mayer(cameroon)celestine babayaro(nigeria)or Pierre ndlend Wome(cameroon),TARIBO WEST(nigeria)Mark Fish(southafrica),Sunday Oliseh(nigeria),Mustapha Haji(Morrocco),Abouterika(Egypt),didier drogba(ivory coast),Samuel etoo(cameroon),el haji diouf(senegal)...and my bench gonna be...sadio mane,salah,weah,okocha,yeboah,andre arendse,patrick mboma and nwanko kanu.....NOTE;kylian mbappe would have been the finest talent this continent would have ever produced in history of the sport..

Taribo West,Superb in Man marking and strong in the Air. Comfortable on the ball and was very good on reading the game. Excellent Player in his days really. Great African Defender, He was once described as " The Fence" in the defence by a commentator during a UCL match btw. Inter Milan and Man U. A hero of the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Our own PH Gee. Always Played with his Heart, Soul and every part of his Body. Respect bro.

The Class of this playe, rs were gifts to Nigeria, they were all good individually and collectively too. Love you guys always'AC Milan Legend watch hm at San siro in Italy and in kasarani Kenya live what a great defender that's in 1997.

The day I made a statement on Facebook that Taribo West is Nigerian best defender of all time some people were angry with me and were trying to prove me wrong, I think we can now hear it from world class striker.

when men played with passion and national interest at heart... Not now that boys play for money, he once marked 3 South African attackers alone for the whole 90mins..... and Nigeria won two zero... since then, i was afraid of this man..

During my school days our teacher (trainer/coach) used to shout whn were playing,"marry your man" meaning man Mark him side by side if you miss the ball take the man both ball & striker mst not pass you.

Legendary Taribo with coloured hair. 😂 when I was young, I use to think defenders are ruthless and don’t smile… Just because of this guy .i was a defender more than he could ever be only that nick mwendwa said that kenya have no football talents.

Only his face alone, will make u to ease ur temper, and u have no other choice, than to peacefully passed the ball to himh,  the opposition's dressing room just to still mark an opponent? Very serious defender...E no wan commot eye for whr im dey. Ah! No be small tin o.

I love Taribo West even though I have never watched him playing, I know only few who were named after him, they were also great defenders... So it really implies that He was great... Long live Taribo.

Strong man...Taribo West was the Rock Of Gibraltar to the Super Eagles and to any club side he played for then. Nigeria never have a great defender like him again.

A great defender that always concentrate from beginning to the end , i think he defended like sergio Ramos, Even now , he's still that great defender. But this time, not on the pitch, but on the pulpit. ''A defender of Christian's faith".

When growing up if you were rough on other boys while playing ball made of polythene papers which we could only afford, you were nicknamed. I grew up thinking he was a Kenyan  coz it was a household name....long live legend.

He played a season for Derby County and he was pure class. We never replaced him the following season and were relegated.West was my favorite defender in Nigeria line up of players way back then . No one has ever been able to out shine your football action in Nigeria national team ...

I always remember him with that of his unique hairstyle. In the world cup 2002 he got injured on his head and still carry on . Even when he was bleeding. Such a dedicated player that played with zeal and passion to both national and club side are very difficult to see these days.

I always remember him with that of his unique hairstyle. In the world cup 2002 he got injured on his head and still carry on . Even when he was bleeding. Such a dedicated player that played with zeal and passion to both national and club side are very difficult to see these days.

Teribo West, Babangida, Babayaro, Sunday Oliseh, Jay Jay Okocher to name the few... what a bunch of great players..The West of all time .I remember Atalanta 1996 indeed you are the capacitated defender that Nigeria National team has have so far respect to you West of all time.

The best Africa has ever recognized.I'm a Chiefs fan but in South Africa Mark Fish is the best ever, especially when we talk man making. Ask George Weah in that World Cup qualifier. Two friends from the same club coming against each other on African soil. Weah got angry through out that match. Nigeria needed the match to make it to world cup. George Weah had to let go involuntarily!

mad man said instead he will die and Nigeria will be fine, that he will live , let Nigeria be jagajaga dey go ,at this point, I know that this country is not worth deing for. , They can't even remember those that serves them.

The heroes will should celebrate not the useless political class.... This fellas sweat and blood in a service to the country, Taribo West,, A great player, gentle but rugged defender,, classical on the moves,, Potential gift to the Nation,,! An outstanding and stylish defender who etched his name in the hearts of football fans.

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