Liverpool have confirmed that Mo Salah wants to leave the club to join Tottenham next week.

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Liverpool have confirmed that Mo Salah wants to leave the club. He wants to join Tottenham and play against Manchester United next week.Salah can never do that it's just his time give him his flowers I'm a Man U fan give d guy his praise, And after Tottenham, he will join atalanta and then man c.

This should be introduced to football... It'll really make sense.. may be one match in a season, a team is permitted to hire one player for the match day after which he returns to base club... Nice, Spurs r now not very emotionaly superb. They r still physically tho. With mo he might change the teams atmosphere!.

Damn my bloodpresure just peaked reading that until I read "wants to join tottenham" Stupid post....even if he likes let him join Man City...You think football is magic...Scoring a hatrick against Manchester United doesn't guarantee that he will score it again even if he joins Man City or Chelsea in Man U next fixtures... Football is not magic

Breaking news : Ronaldo have confirmed that he wants to Join Bayern in order to escaped playing with Salah, After he plays against Man u on Friday, he can leave Tottenham to liverpool again, Meanwhile Manchester United have confirmed that they want to leave the Premier League and join the Scotish Premiership.

When some1 takes ur name repeatedly Its defn u have something good about u.. from an ardent man united fan United at heart till i die ..bad tyms always ends, That’s crazy just cause you score a hat trick vs a weak man United you get called there goat lol just cause CR7 is there wow.

I'm sure when Manchester united won premier league last this selfish page hasn't been created that's why you're busy fooling yourself football daily goals post you named this thing goals daily post but you have been talking about Manchester united since I joined here last 4 months no other club that's useless and babaric.

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