Sarri' post match comment... Chelsea vs Everton


Sarri is in the press room: I think the situation is clear. We played the best 45 mins of the season, then suddenly in the second half, we stopped to play. I don't know why, without defending, then suddenly we were in trouble." #EVECHE

Sarri on sends warning to players: "If we play like the second half for the next 8 matches, we are in trouble. It is impossible to arrive in the top-four." #CFC #EVECHE

Sarri on #CFC top-four hopes: "It is not impossible, we are only three points. It is impossible if we are not able to improve and avoid a second half like today. We need to play like the first half for the next 8 matches. Without stopping playing or to defend, this is the limit."

Sarri: "If we are able to play 90 mins for four matches, like we did in the first half then I think we can do everything. I am worried about our mentality but today we played the best 45 mins of the season without conceding a shot to the opponents." #CFC #EVECHE

Sarri on 'mental problems' at Chelsea: "At the moment, this is our limit, I think. If we are able to play like the first half with consistency, then we are in another position in the table. We have this problem." #CFC #EVECHE

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