Loftus Cheek ...I wanna be a box to box midfielder

Loftus Cheek reply to some things fans would want to learn about him

Loftus Cheek: “The Europa League is certainly where I’ve got my opportunities this season. European football is a test and something we want to do well in. I’ve got more chances to play in the PL off the back of it as well. We want to go all the way & lift the trophy in May. #CFC

 -Loftus Cheek on Who’s the biggest character in the Chelsea dressing room...

“Danny Drinkwater is probably the dressing room clown now, which might surprise a few people! Apart from him, we’re quite a chilled team. #CFC
Loftus Cheek: “I sit next to Andreas Christensen and usually hang out with him around the training ground. And Ethan Ampadu – I’m just, you know, taking care of him. #CFC

RLC on his #cfc debut in December 2014
: “I had no idea until the press conference. Mourinho said I might play a part and that it was a big day for the academy. In the end I got about 10 minutes, but that was huge for me. I remember the moment I stepped onto that pitch – amazing.
RLC: “Afterwards, Jose said, “You owe me a bottle of wine for giving you your debut!” He’s a very funny guy. #CFC
RLC on his heroes as a kid

: “I watched Arsenal a lot in the Thierry Henry days – I enjoyed watching him do his thing – when they just battered everyone. Zinedine Zidane was unbelievable towards the end of his career, too.
RLC: “When I got older and started playing in midfield in the Chelsea youth teams, I studied Frank Lampard really closely. He was a real inspiration on how I play. #CFC
RLC: “I’ve always considered myself to be a No.8 in midfield, but I can play in other positions. It’s good that I’m so versatile because I just love to play football and don’t mind where. Long term, though, I see myself as a box-to-box midfielder. #CFC
RLC: “I learned to play football on the streets, and there’s plenty of goals about down that way,” he smiles. “I just always used to be out playing football. I guess me, Sancho and Gomez are reppin’ south London. #CFC

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